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Custom ZIP Forestry problems


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If this is in the wrong section I apologize, I don't feel it belongs in the bug report as I've modified tekkit fairly extensively.

The problems pretty simple, because no crashes or shenanigans like that are involved, Forestry is simply not recognizing any mods outside of it in regards to crating items. Rubber, nikolite, sticky resin, anything that isn't vanilla MC or part of forestry itself can't be crated, the recipe doesn't exist in NEI, nor does it work in a carpenter anyway.

Does anyone have an idea on what could be causing this? I can't believe it's because block and item ID's where changed in IC2 and redpower from their default. That seems like a horrible way to check for other mod's items.

TL;DR Forstry crated items refuse to work for other modded items, such as IC2 rubber, or RP nikolite.

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Sorry for the extremely late reply. Been away from the comp.

Anyway, I know most of them can't, but there's clearly an item in forestry for crated rubber, it just doesn't show/have a recipe. Same with nikolite and sticky resin. The item's show in NEI, just do not show a recipe. Does that still mean they just can't be crated despite having an item ID for it?

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