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Worth making a server ... again?


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Hello guys!

Sorry for the long post!

Few months ago i owned a little Tekkit server, 24 online every Friday night. Unfortunately, i needed to close the server, because i got too few donation and the server used a way too much of it's ram.The players on the server wanted to build more and more epic Tekkit stuff, that used a lot of machines, that ran 24/7 (It ended with the server used 98% of it's RAM, when 3 players were online...) Then i though i not could run the server anymore, i was afraid it would lagg like **** and people would leave it.

After few months i was thinking about creating a vanilla server. After a lot of thinking i decided to make it. It was popular in 2 weeks, then the players got bored and left.

I tried and did my best to make the server more fun, so they could stay after they have got full diamond armor, and lost ideas of their basses. I tried to make a lot of events and other stuffs. It didn't helped, cause they though there was too few on the server. (6-8 online daily.)

After a month i decided to close it.

So today (After 2 months of break from Minecraft) i missed the felling of owning the server, the way people was happy to see me when i get online and i never got bored on the server, i had always 1 to chat with and I think I'm a good builder and i have a lot of experience with keeping a server.

There are just 1 problem...

I'm afraid of wasting my money and I'm afraid of using a lot of hours on something that won't go anywhere.

I used a host called Fragnet, i payed 20 EURO for around 1.5 GB monthly (Now Fragnet upgrade the amount of ram per price, 2 GB for 20 EURO)

So i'm asking you guys, do you think it's worth for me paying for a new server? Do you have any wonderful tips for me, to keep the RAM usage low as possible without ruin the gameplay of the players on the server?

I'm so sorry for my terrible English, and sorry for the long post!

Thanks for your patient and thanks in advance for helping me!

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