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Texturing for Tekkit Lite: Help Locating defaults


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Hello all, I come here asking for some assistance.

As a texturepack maker,l I've included support for the old Tekkit in my pack, as I have very much enjoyed playing on it as well. Now with Tekkit lite I've started to add support once again, but this time I've ran into a snag.

I can't seem to locate some of the textures.

I've done the same thing as I had before, gone though all the mod zips and extracted from them where ever I found textures for the mods, maintaining the folder layout, but after pulling out 21 folders of textures and browsing though them, I still find that I can't locate some textures.

Mainly some of the ores, now I know some mods have the same copys of ores, like copper, but finding the one that is showing up in Tekkit lite is proving rather tricky, and yes, that is one texture I can't find, I've found other coppers from other mods, but not the bright maulty colored yellowish one found in game.

But that is just one texture out of a hand full I can't locate.

Does anyone have a zip of all the textures? Or least a list of where they all are so I can pull them out myself?

And before you say to download sphax and use it for a ref, I much rather edit off of default so I know what texture is what, then having to use another texturepack to figure this stuff out and make it twice as confusing.

Thanks in advanced.

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