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[3.1.3]Lochnivar's Survival Anarchy Realm[PvP/PvE][50 slots][MonsterApocalypse][BannedItems]


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Lochnivar's Survival Anarchy Realm

Server IP:

There are no rules, although we have some mods in place to limit cheating.


The mobs are dangerous and numerous. Monsters will head towards you from a fair ways away whether or not they see you. Expect zombies to dig through most natural blocks. Cobble will protect from digging zombies, but you have to beware of the occasional ghast that can destroy your stuctures. Creepers are more explosive, but the creepers and the ghasts can be killed with one hit. Zombies you kill may sometimes change into pig zombies.


We are using a world populated by various buildings from previous minecraft versions. There is a large area to explore with chests and items. The spawn is just south of a large building complex and it should be protected from PVP. There are many chests to loot at the moment, but these will be pilfered over time. There is a world border set to 10000 (You will have to travel 1000 - 3000 from spawn to find any tekkit ores).


Explore, grief, raid or whatever.

Plugins installed on server:

AlphaChest - protected storage of important items

Commandbook - some extra commands

Craftbook - making of gates and elevators

MonsterApocalpse - increase monster difficulty via numbers, strength and aggroing without sight.

NoCheatPlus - limits cheating and hacks

Orebfuscator - helps protect hidden bases from x-ray hacks

Grief Protection - gives a way for personal protection of base blocks, but items can still be raided from chests

Worldborder - set to 10,000 radius

TeslaCoil - allows a way to protect bases with lightning!

Banned Items:

Alchemy Bags - use "/chest" instead

All Rings - to stop spamming anything/flying

Catalytic Lens - to limit grief potential

Destruction Catalyst - to limit grief potential

Collectors MkII & MkIII - stuck with MkI

Electric jetpack - to stop flying

Ender Pouch - use "/chest" instead

Evertide Amulet - to limit grief potential

Hyperkinetic Lens - to limit grief potential

Jetpack - to stop flying

Mercurial Eye - to limit grief potential

Mining laser - to limit grief potential

Nano armor - makes Balkon's weapons useable

Nano saber - makes Balkon's weapons useable

Nukes - to limit grief potential

Personal safes - to stop stuff being encased in safes

Quantum suit - makes Balkon's weapons useable

Relay MkII & MkIII - stuck with MkI

RM Furnace - stuck with DM furnace

RM/DM Tools and Armor - to stop invulnerability/flying/items without durability

Rubber boots - falling should hurt

Watch of Flowing Time - use a bed with others to change time

World Anchor - use dimensional anchor instead

Command List:

Help commands:

/help help - give you a list of help topics you can access

/help topic - gives help for the specified topic

Protected Storage:

/chest - open your virtual chest, which survives death

Misc. commands:

/spawn - warp to the spawn location

/list - lists online players

/time - shows you current server time

/tell - whisper a message to the player listed

/afk - sets you to afk to inform anyone messaging you

/whereami -gives you coords and info for where you are

Home commands:

/sethome - sets your home location

/sethome name - set additional homes, if you have needed rank

/home - warp to your home location

/home name - warp to you named home location

Kit commands:

/kit starter - gives you the starter kit

/kit rank - gives you a kit for you rank.

Teleport commands:

/tpa name - teleport to player, if they accept

/tpahere name - teleport player to you, if they accept

/tprequests - displays open teleport request by you and others

/tpcancel - allows you to cancel outstanding teleport requests

/tptoggle - toggle whether or not you will accept teleport requests.

Grief Protection commands:

(first chest placed claims first area. Use golden shovel to claim more or adjust claim size)

/AbandonClaim - Deletes the claim you're standing in

/Trust name - Gives another player permission to edit in your claim

/UnTrust name - Revokes any permissions granted to a player in your claim

/TrustList - Lists the permissions for the claim you're standing in

/Untrust All - Removes all permissions for all players in your claim

/AbandonAllClaims - Deletes all of your claims

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