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Tekkit Elite [Essentials][pvp][Anti-Grief][logblock] And More!


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1. Be nice!!

2. No griefing, raiding allowed if somehow you are able to do those things

3. Please don't ask for admin/mod positions, free items, day/night or weather change.

Land Claims

all faction based! make one claim some :)

Mods Removed

none yet dont abuse what we give you or it will be revoked :/

Banned Items

Mining laser, turtles (a few other things that can be used to grief)


Looking for fun imaginative cooperative players. Will add voice chat if there is interest. Tons of CPU and bandwidth on this public server.


24/7 and if its down we are updating plugins or fixing a massive grief


Whitelist is off come and join

Owner is ChaseSk8s co-owner and creator xXpvpXx

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