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Mod Update problem


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Try deleting you Voltz folder (don't forget to back up your saves!) and try to install Voltz again

what do i do i had the problem when i tried to update the weather change orb <------ something like that anyway can youtell me in a bit more detail how to get voltz back if i use the technic launcher? (please do not take any of this offensively it is not intended)

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Okay, don't worry it's fine I'm here to help :)

The following instructions are for Windows users though, this won't work on mac (if you have a mac then you'll have to look it up somewhere)

Press start and type in %appdata%

A folder called roaming. should appear, go into that. There should be a folder (third one down with me but it'll probably be different with you) called techniclauncher. go into that and you should get a bunch a folders. Some of the names of these may be familiar, one of them should be Voltz. Go into that. In there, there should be a folder called saves, drag that onto your desktop. When you've done that delete everything in your Voltz folder. Run the technic launcher again and launch Voltz. If you did it right then it should download it again and it should work. Go back to your Voltz folder and drag your saves back into there. (if you don't have any saves then you don't have to do the saves bit)

Okay that hopefully will work, if it doesn't then I'm not sure and it my be something to do with your PC

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