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[0.6.1]CMC's Epic Tekkit[PvP][100 Slots][No Powersuits]It's Epic Tekkit Time!


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Welcome fellow Tekkiteers! The staff of the Epic Tekkit community, along with their leader, colster1000, would like to invite you to play on our Tekkit Lite server! We invite those who really want a friendly Tekkit Lite experience, and hope to encounter courteous and clean players! While we are a PvP server, we hope that players will still have a great time playing!


The following are the rules and guidelines that every player should follow, and are not limited to those listed. Please use common sense when necessary.

1) No swearing or spam within the chat.

2) No disrespecting the staff (Owners, Admins, Mods, and Assistants).

3) No hacks/hacked clients, duping, using exploits and the like.

4) Do not kill new players (noobs) unless provoked.

5) Raiding is allowed if chests are unlocked and land is unclaimed.

6) No drop parties unless they are cleared by the staff.

7) No spawn-killing.

8) Do not ask staff for weather/time changes.

9) Do not ask staff to spawn in items for them, regardless of the situation.

10) No advertising of other servers (this includes in-game and on the forums).

11) Respect the other players.

12) Have fun!


This list is subject to change as the perceived use of items irresponsibly becomes apparent.

1) Power Armor

2) Mining Laser

3) Nuke

4) TNT and other explosives (cause no block damage, but will still affect mobs/entities/players)

5) Most Mystcraft (Donators get 1 Descriptive Book and 1 Linking Book)


Plugins that players will find useful in their Epic Tekkit experience, and those used to protect the players. This is CERTAINLY not the full list of plugins, just those players will encounter.

1) Residence (protects land).

2) Lockette (protects chests, doors, etc.)

3) Essentials

4) World Guard

5) World Edit


Our staff consists of Owners, Admins, Mods, and Assistants (Sub-Mods). You are to respect them and the decisions they make if you choose to play on Epic Tekkit.

Owners: colster1000, bigmac2442, mattattack24

Admins: Shenghuasong, deannex, LyariNightwing, fastface23

Mods: PKToysoldier, Xcigil, dark_leopard1, gig5454

Assistants: mfiglegit


Have you read all the rules? Do you want a nice time playing Tekkit Lite? Don't worry, there's no Whitelist - join now!

IP: play.cmcsepictekkit.com

Current Version: Tekkit Lite 0.6.1 (Recommended Version)

Have suggestions for the server? Want to communicate between your fellow Tekkiteers in an organized, forum setting? Want to apply for Assistant/Mod, vote, or donate? Head to the forums!

FORUMS: http://cmcsepictekkit.enjin.com/


Build something amazing on our server? Showcase your creation on our forums, and your build might get featured on this post!





This post brought to you by Social Admin deannex of CMC's Epic Tekkit server.

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