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[3.1.2]Legendary Souls Tekkit[PvE][40 Slots][VIP][EU-Host][24/7][Banlist]


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Welcome to the Legendary Souls Tekkit Server

Legendary Souls has started with League of Legends a few years ago and has now started to evolve to a Multi Gaming Community and hosting our first Tekkit server.

We now are looking for players joining our server and fill it with life. As this is our first Tekkit server some things are not that perfect as at other hosters, but we work hard to improve things. If you have any comments, contact us.



The server is hosted in Strassbourg, Germany, so this server may be interesting for EU-players. We have installed Essentials, GriefPrevention, Groupmanager, MultiWorlds, Tekkit Customizer and Transporter.


Spawning after PvP or normal death you are protected against PvP until you pick up an item.

Ranks and Worlds:

We currently have only two ranks:

Members and VIPs.

The differences between the ranks are very small. As we use MultiWorlds, we have a default world for all players and a VIP-world for trusted players (no donators). Both worlds have their own nether. After spawning at spawnarea VIPs can use the StarGate next to the spawn to teleport to the VIP-world. VIPs are allowed to use the /back command.

GriefPrevention and Banlist:

To protect our bases we use GriefPrevention. Just place a normal chest and the area around the chest is protected. You will recieve a message with further information how to resize the area. If you get griefed without protecting your area.. don't ask for help.

As many items of EE can bypass the protection we have a big banlist. All items were tested on the protection and every item bypassing the protection or having influence on the server stability are banned. We had several test runs with smaller banlists but everytime we had griefers joining our server and doing lots of damage.


Divining Rod III, Philosopher's Stone


Catalytic Lens, Destruction Catalyst, Evertide Amulet, Infernal Armor, Abyss Helmet, Harvest Goddess Band , Black Hole Band, Ring of Ignition, Void Ring, Mercurial Eye, Ring of Arcana, Watch of Flowing Time, Volcanite Amulet, Dark Matter Sword, Dark Matter Pickaxe, Dark Matter Shovel, Dark Matter Hoe, Dark Matter Axe, Dark Matter Hammer, Red Matter Pickaxe, Red Matter Shovel, Red Matter Hoe, Red Matter Sword, Red Matter Axe, Red Matter Hammer, Red Matter Katar, Red Matter Morning Star, Cannon, Nova Catalyst, Nova Cataclysm, Dimensional Anchor, Tank Cart, Turtle, Igniter, World Anchor, Anchor Cart, Feed Station, Tunnel Bore, Iron Bore Head, Steel Bore Head, Diamond Bore Head, Work Cart, Frame Moto, Dark Matter Pedestal, Tesla Coil, Wooden Hammer, Stone Hammer, Iron Hammer, Diamond Hammer, Golden Hammer


1. No griefing and stealing

2. No offensive language,Caps, racism, fanatism,....

3. Dont aks for OPs. We have no OPs on the server. even the admins.

4. We dont spawn items. Dont even ask.

5. Dont ask to get the VIP rank. We will ask you.

6. Respect The Admins

7. No exploiting bugs

8. No advertising for other servers, community or clans.

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