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[3.1.2] Lucky's Facing Worlds Server [Team PvP][16 slots][teamsX]


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Lucky's Facing Worlds Server

Server IP:

This is a team PvP server based in the style of facing worlds. the handcrafted map is designed for teams of of 8 (although not yet tested!) and has 7 classes: the sniper, the heavy, the scout, the medic, the warlock, the spy and the general. There is 2 of each class apart from the general. There are many hidden pathways and potential ambush areas which are to be discovered, along with a few secret chests!. The map incorporates many of tekkits best aspects and merges them with PvP to create a skilful, fast-paced game which varies dramatically.

The expected uptime for this map will be monday and fridays at 5-8. There will be other stuff happening in between but that will not be facing worlds.

We are looking for players who just want a bit of fun with a couple of friends, wether you stay for one game or keep coming back every week for more. No trolls please!! :D

Here are a couple of photo's of the map:

A view from your side:


A birds-eye view of the whole map:



  • don't break blocks
  • don't try to spawn in items or change your game mode
  • don't use items which are not included in your class
  • enter into the spirt of the game and have fun :

Server mods

there is only a few simple mods to give players a better PvP experience:

  • teamsX: there are two team, red and blue. this makes you able to access team chat and so you cannot harm your team mates.
  • simplesneak: this allows your nameplate to be hidden without impairing your movement.
  • droptime: items from dead players disappear in 1 second
  • timelock: the map is constantly locked to night to enhance the atmosphere

If you have any questions or problems, feel free to ask!

Thank you for your time, hope to see you soon!!

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