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MiscPeripherals inclusion?


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Hello! Having lurked on this board for a while, I see that newbies that come strutting in with their cocks swinging around demanding that something get added to Tekkit Lite tend to be met with hostility, but I thought I'd bite the bullet and ask if there was any reason why MiscPeripherals hadn't been included yet.

Obviously there's loads of add-ons for ComputerCraft and it'd be stupid to add all of them, but MiscPeripherals appears to be pretty well regarded as an essential for advanced ComputerCraft gameplay. I see that Open CCSensors made the latest development build, which is good news. If you stuck MiscPeripherals alongside it, some pretty awe-inspiring stuff could be done on a server.

Loving the work that's been put into Tekkit Lite so far.

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