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[0.5.7]GnarfCraft[PvA][Open Server][100 slots]


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Server IP:

Server Rules:

1 NO GREIFING. this includes the placeing or breaking of blocks, water, chests, machines, pictures, lava, plants, animals and others tekkit things.

It is not greifing to place a pipeline onto someones exposed pipe system and to steal

their items.

Placeing chickens in someones house is not greifing. It is funny and encouraged

within reason.

So do not place enough to cause lag.

2 Killing and looting is allowed. So if someone is in your house without permission then do not whine about it but instead kill them. I cannot stop them from setting a home. But if you build a death trap where they spawn its their fault.

3 Takeing items from anything that is not a chest is a banable offence. An example of this are any from of item upgrade or anything in a charging bench.

4 Bugging and harrassing staff is not allowed. Remember we want to play too. So if we say stop then stop.

5 Items will not be spawned unless you can prove it. if someone greifs you then take a screen shot and prove it.

6 Try to be nice and not curse.

7 Pranking people is allowed as long as you get staff permission first. Also i suggest you record it and mention the server.

Banned items:

Mining Lasers, Descriptive Books, and Explosives.

Additonal Mods:

We are testing new mods to make the gameplay more fun so this is subject to change so check Gnarfcrat.enjin.com


We have just recently involved ourselves in the Tekkit lite revolution. So, we decided to convert.

So far we have a few stedly players also groups working in the world and they like what they have seen so far. So hopefully you will too.

Up Time:

The server has restart in the mornning, but it is up 98% of the day every day

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