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[Voltz V1.1.0] McMoreCraft [PVP] [72 Slot] [No Whitelist] [No Mods Removed]


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Server Rules

  • No Red-Matter Explosives or Missiles

No Banned item we just trust you to not use Red-Matter Stuff :D

This server was a normal minecraft server but people got board on my server (and me) so i decided to make the server Voltz we have got plugins you may like, like xClans (if you dont know what it is its a bit like factions just i carn't get factions to work atm.) So all i want is people to come and make a base and have fun missilng your friend or enemy's.

The Server is 24/7 there is a restart at 12 pm and am (UTC)

At the moment it just me and my friends on so if we would get more people on that would be great because then we have someone to ally or be against and to talk to :)

Staff (At the moment)










Info about rank at the moment we only have Member Moderator Admin HeadAdmin CoOwner and Owner so not that many soon i'm hopefully going to add Mechanic or Engineer and Adv. Mechanic or Engineer and basicly when you start you carnt craft any type of generator other than coal then once you play for a long time you get Engineer or Mechanic (still in debate) and you will be able to craft all non-nuclear generators so everything but fission fusion and you get what i mean once you play for longer you will be able to get adv. Mechanic or Engineer and then you will be able to craft everything all this is being thought of so at the moment you can craft everything.

Any Idea's or suggestion you can think of please tell jacksaggersburns or mysticfiyr in game and we will think of what we can do.

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