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Voltz Server v1.0.11 (MC 1.4.7)


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Hey, if you want to play on a VOLTZ Server, with or without PVP, than come join this server. Build what ever you want. Start a company with friends or family.

(NOTE) This is a Brand new server! I am just getting people to join into the server so we can have lots of fun, building creations!



Don't grief, It ruins the fun for everyone!

Don't swear! There might be Kids on this server.

Don't say Anything rude to others that might offend them.

There is only one thing I want, I want creativity!

On join, you will be opped. from then, you can start creating all kinds of stuff.

you will be given a Paxel, 2 64 Concrete, 2 64 torches.

Everything will be done with no Gamemode! If gamemode is used, I will have to kick you. I will even be doing everything with no cheats.

Now, I should shut up and give you guys the IP and some Info:


IP :


Skype : Lolznone (First one that pops up) -- This is if you have any thing to ask, or just talk.

Everything will be on generated terrain, Meaning its not Flat grass.

FIND ORES AND CREATE, Cheating isn't fun!

Have fun!

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