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Pex and Essentails


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Before you read this the people at bukkit told me to ask here.

Ok today I was trying to stop crafting of banned items and here is what I put in my perms:

- noitem.nocraft.x214

- noitem.nocraft.x46

- noitem.nocraft.x327

- noitem.nocraft.x216.4

- noitem.nocraft.x126.10

- noitem.nocraft.x127

- noitem.nocraft.x7312

- noitem.nocraft.x181.5

- noitem.nocraft.x253

- noitem.nocraft.x253.2

- noitem.nocraft.x253.1

- noitem.nocraft.x216

- noitem.nocraft.x216.1

- noitem.nocraft.x260

- noitem.nocraft.x27573

- noitem.nocraft.x27572.1

- noitem.nocraft.x27556

- noitem.nocraft.x27534

- noitem.nocraft.x27532

- noitem.nocraft.x27532.1

- noitem.nocraft.x27537

- noitem.nocraft.x27537.1

- noitem.nocraft.x27530

- noitem.nocraft.x27531

- noitem.nocraft.x27538

- noitem.nocraft.x30208.1

I also modified LMC to fit tekkit. Then I restarted the server and found that now one could talk or do any commands.

So I deleted the NoItem.Nocraft from every 1s perms and then added essentials.chat.

That made people be able to talk, and now they can't do any commands. I also found this in the console:

INFO Unable to fetch player map from CraftEntity: players. Conflicting names will do funny things.

Every ones prefix's are lost, and their colors are gone. Except I am the only one with color!


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