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NoCheatPlus plugin working on Tekkit Lite 0.5.7?


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i have got a tekkit lite server and i was wondering if the plugin NoCheatPlus can be used without errors on it. I dont know wether it is useful on a Tekkit Lite server as i only used it on normal bukkit servers till now. Thats why i m asking you?

Do have experience with this plugin on tekkit lite 0.5.7 with mcpc+?

Is the plugin working fine for it?

Does it actually make sence to use it on tekkit? (i dont know if there are hack clients for tl)

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Nocheatplus worked alright in Tekkit Classic, but it's probably bugged out in Tekkit lite seeing as you'd have to use BukkitForge or similar to get it to work. As for making sense to use it, a lot of the cheat checks block stuff in Tekkit (even if you have EE disabled), things like quarries will trigger blockbreak.reach and direction checks, the jetpack will trigger a flying check, and the mining laser will trigger block break checks (making all of these and more stuff not work). You can configure it so that this stuff is disabled, but then what's the point of having it at all then?

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