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A comprehensive Tekkit Classic guide with style


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So I'm sure everyone here is well aware of how complicated Tekkit is, and especially how large the learning curve is for new players. So, The House of Wolves will be doing a series on Tekkit, in which we show how to properly use almost all of the Tekkit mods.

But plain old guides are boring!

So to keep it interested, us six players (me, Jason, kyle, Alex, Brandon, and Andrew) will all be running separate corporations that will be engaged in a constant war of industry. Currently, we have broken up into three teams of two: Me and Jason, Kyle and Andrew, and Brandon and Grant. The comapnies and teams are:

Vivaldist is the current founder of The Lunar Consortium, with the slogan of: The Fey never forgive, nor forget, nor fall.

Jason is the CEO of Phonix Fuels, who have the slogan of: Revenge!

Together, these two companies make up Evil Enterprises, with the slogan of: Strength through lack of moral convictions.

Andrew runs the Beaver Corporation with the slogan of: We have wood.

Kyle runs Green apples Limited slogan of: We have the cores you need!

Both of them form Green Peace: Cave the world!

Brandon heads Pole Cats Incorporated and has the slogan: Everything is better on a pole.

Grant runs Oh God a Zombie: and runs by: Zombie Rangers lead the way.

They form up Underworld Supplies: Straight from hell to you.

Once everyone gets established, I expect to see some pretty intense competition!

Hopefully you check us out!

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