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Tekkit Lite Lets Play Series (HD)

Darren Sim

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Hi guys,

my name is Darren, i've been playing minecraft and tekkit for almost a year now and for the last 3 months i've been staff on a tekkit server. I've been itching to put out some videos literally for months but have been struggling to get a system up and running where I can reliably record tekkit at a decent framerate. I've now fixed the problems at hand and present a Tekkit Lite lets play recorded in 720p HD optimised for youtube. The content will be child friendly and I intend to upload at least weekly although I may try and increase that to 2 or 3 episodes a week if the interest is there. Long term I want to develop a single world and obtain all the endgame content while showing everyone all the cool things you can make in tekkit lite. I will post regularly in this thread when i release new episodes and am interested to hear what everyone who is interested in the series would like to see covered.

The video can be found :

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