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Problem with server ms.


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Hi there,

I am just looking for some help or explanation as to why when I try to run a Voltz server it constantly has 1k+ms and doesn't load the world properly.

I have had a Tekkit server running for a long time which has worked perfect, running at a steady 30ms with up to 4 players on, never had problems, but now when we want to try out Voltz, I try to make the server, which all goes well, but yet it has crazy ms and just lags like hell, I really don't understand this at all.

I'm allocating the exact same memory to it as the Tekkit server is running, I've changed and played about with the files, looked at multiple guides, yet still can't get it to a low ms and be playable.

If any one could help me out in any way, that'd be amazing.

Thanks in advance.

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