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TBDGaming: Tekkit


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TBDGaming(ToBeDeterminedGaming) is a new youtube group formed right here on the Technic Forums! Currently we count 3 in our ranks. Our trio is currently only making Tekkit videos, but we may branch out later. But still, you are wondering who we are...




So far Episodes 1 and 2 of our Tekkit series are out!

Episode 1:



Welcome to this, our first ever video; which just so happens to be the first video in our Tekkit series!

In this episode we start punching trees and gathering resources to get us on our feet.


Episode 2:



In this episode we continue gathering resources and planning. We attain our first bits of iron, and craft "teh good toolz". Tina forgets how to make charcoal, beds get set up, and we are off and running...at least in the vanilla portion of Tekkit.


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