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[0.5.7] H-Craft Tekkit Lite[PvE/PvM] [21 slots] [24/7] [Essentials, Bukkit, NO MODS REMOVED!]


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Welcome to H-craft servers where today we are public!

The IP is as follows:

I hope you choose to join our server. We really look forward to having you. There are no banned items or mods at this time. Nukes are craftible ;D

We're looking for a solid hernest player that just wants to play tekkit. We have quite a bit of them, but we want to expand our community!

This is no ordinary Tekkit lite server! We have mppc at our core that allows us to run bukkit 24/7, an amazing hoster that is always keeping Tekkit lite builds up-to-date and an amazing staff that is on almost all the time as seen in the picture. Here are some of the features of our server!

Fully hosted 24/7 on Tekkit Lite modded platform

"Technica City" or Spawn city full of beautiful skyscrapers that are just waiting to be purchased for you little buisness tycoons that wan't to own the economy!

Full plaza mall with shop plots that range from 1000$ to 5000$ in game money.

Admin shop where you can buy any ingot

Hurricane Spleef arena in spawn that is almost fully automatic! (Working on that now :D)

PvM, Player Versus Monster, arena that we call the Arcanium! Fully working with loot and mobs

Good selection of plugins from Bukkit Dev including: World edit, Essentials, AdvHeadshot, WorldGuard)

RPG LEGENDARY WEAPONS! That's right, all of the weapons from Tekkit lite have had an upgrade and can be won from certain arena games! These legendaries have custom tags with names and color and especially enchantments!

Not even to mention our killer website! www.hcraftserver.com


1. Obey admins. An admins word is law unless the owner, happytor, says.

2. No racial slurs, comments or judgement based on race.

3. No griefing! This includes 1x1 towers and tnt damage. Raiding is acceptable.

4. No hacks. This includes Xray, Nuker and jump hacks.

5. No server recruiting or server advertising.

6. Keep it PG-13 Don't spam cuss.

Game-play Benefits:

1. VIP status is only 10$, a lot cheaper then most servers and we offer more content.

2. Stealing is allowed if the items are in an unlocked chest

3. PVP combat is allowed at all times.

4. Diamond Rank players and above can create towns.

5. Gold Rank players and above can create factions

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