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[0.5.7] TG-Gaming [PvP] [40 Slots] [24/7] [Essentials, Towny, NoMyst, No EE] Brand New!


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No Spam

PvP is allowed in Wilderness but not in towns and same as Griefing

NoMyst, NoEE

We do not have much banned as of 2/23 but its a brand new server there may be some in the future but we do have many restrictions towards items but you'll just have to find those out:)

We've got Towny, Essentials, and lots more just can't remember lol

The server has many ranks and to get through them some require time and the higher ranked ones require you to go the forums. Which is at TG-gaming.us .

And like mostly every server of course its 24/7

We like all people on the TG servers, anyone can join, and everyone has fun that way.


I'll Post Pics In a little

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