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Not able to build iron oven?!


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I have been playin tekkit for a year now without any problems. now all of a sudden, when i go to build an iron furnace so that i can make a generator, i put the 8 pieces of iron in the crafting table or the normal stone furnace with 5 pieces of iron in the crafting table, the image of the finished produce appears for a tenth of a second then disapears. i tried reloading java and tekkit with no resolution. has anyone else seen this issue before?

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Something is broken configuration-wise with the server. 2 questions: Does it work in single-player? Are you experiencing any other issues? Also, you can make a generator with a furnace, machine block, and battery instead of using an iron furnace. Try that instead. If all else fails, back up everything and replace the server (first) and client files with new ones, then copy over the map.

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