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Steve vs Big Daddy Zombie


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hi i know this is not tekkit but i want to try and get as much feedback as i can on my videos and only way to do so is to get as many people i can to take a look so here goes

this is my very first animation so dont expect it to be the greatest and best animation ever i made this as i was testing out how things work with the animation program so basicly this animation is just a test but i would like to hear what you think and maybe any suggestions on what i could animated next and if i should try and keep doing to odd animation hear and there every now and again also i will try and find a better animation programs in the furture once i get the hang of the basics so please tell me what you think and if you would like to keep up to date with my future videos please subscribe to my channel i would much appreciate and also if you did like my animation i you think i did good for my first ever animaton please give it a thumbs up thanks

Steve vs big daddy zombie minecraft animation video link

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