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Man vs Missile [Factions] [Iconomy] [Essentials] [75 Slots] [Shops]


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Man vs Missile!

Server Staff:

Owner: GOHOMEBANANAS & Endergeek

Admins: 2silverseas

Moderators: Rgferre

Have fun!

Welcome to AtomicCraft, a Voltz server with absolutely NO banned items. We have essentials, factions, and a no-rules PVP style of playing.

Griefing, Raiding, and Stealing are all allowed. The only exceptions to the no rules rule are the following:


2) No clogging up chat with advertisements, or spamming.

Please note–If you’re looking for a nice peaceful server to get blown up on, this is it! If you don’t want to get blown up, you should probably find a different server because we don’t care if you do get blown up.

We don’t care if you launch missiles all around the world, make huge wholes everywhere, and totally mess up other people’s ingame lives. We, in fact, encourage it.

Start out with a kit that gives you basic missiles and launching equipment! Just type /kit ETechI and you’ll be all set.

Come on to an EPIC Blow up or be blown up server! Man vs Missile! JOIN now at voltz.mcender.com.


Endergeek–Skype him at SwordMaster38!

GOHOMEBANANAS–Skype him at fendr7bendr!

Server Website: http://mcender.com

Donations greatly appreciated.

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