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Cannot download modpacks with launcher, is there an alternate place to get them?


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I'm a student (University, not high-school or middle), and the proxy/firewall settings in the dorms block the downloads for the voltz pack. Last time I was playing tekkit (months ago), I had to wait until I went home to download and play. Once I actually have the mod up-to-date and working, I can play on servers and whatnot (Those are not blocked).

Is there anywhere I can get the mods and just install them myself? What we normally do is whenever someone goes home, they download all the updates and then we just distribute the techniclauncher folder among us (We are all mac/linux users, I'm not sure if the windows file would work). Can anyone upload the voltz portion of their techniclauncher folder?

I'm not asking for a minecraft.jar file (that's piracy), just the "voltz" folder inside the techniclauncher folder.

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