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Voltz startup failed for Letest version of Voltz


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Hello, I am your average pro minecrafter, Today was the new update of Voltz, I obviously dowloaded it and played on my multiplayer server for about an hour. I then remembered I'd help a mod in a different server. I closed Voltz, then loaded the Technic Launcher, I switched the options to "Always use the latest version" and I clicked "Save" Everything was working fine, not a single issue occured... Until it was all loaded, I was approached by this message...

Stack Trace:

Exception: IOException

Message: Failed to download Minecraft!


org.spoutcraft.launcher.util.MinecraftDownloadUltils.downloadMinecraft (MinecraftDownloadUtils.java:93)

org.spoutcraft.launcher.UpdateThread.updateMinecraft (Updatethread.java:318)

org.spoutcraft.launcher.UpdateThread.runTasks (UpdateThread.java:122)

org.spoutcraft.launcher.UpdateThread.run (UpdateThread.java:107)

This is the Error Message I recieve when I try to play the Latest version of Voltz. When I use the Recomended build it works fine with NO problems at all!

If anyone can help me please tell me.

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