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Advanced Battery Box questions.


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Just looking for some quick answers.

Say I'm using an advanced solar panel as power, that's outputting power as 120v correct? The advance battery box's input is 240v, so I would need to add a 120v transformer to step up, now does this actually effect how fast my bat box fills up?

And then with the output, obviously its going to be outputting at 240v, am i correct in believing that machines work on 120v, so I would need to add another 120v transformer but stepping down, otherwise they will explode?

Also does adding upgrades to the bat box effect it in any way? I'm asking all of this as it just feels like my advanced battery box is taking AGES to take in energy compared to my standard battery boxes.

Will different wires maybe help?

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the only reason to get an advanced battery box is for the upgrades. voltage is used for distance-efficiency related stuff i think, correct me if i am wrong.

Ok...you didn't confirm or deny anything I asked lol but thanks for your input i guess...

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