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Earthstorm's Volts server | 1.0.11 | Little lag (laptop) | No banned items| free build | 20 slots


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Welcome to my server thread :). I am Earthstorm and I have recently put up my new Voltz server. I would really like it if people could join and play. There may be lag issues because run this server on a laptop (will be upgrading to desktop soon). I am also looking for people to help out on the server. On this server there are no banned items. No griefing please. if you wish to join this is hamachi.

Hamachi names:

Earthstorm's Voltz server

Earthstorm's Voltz server 2

Earthstorm's Voltz server 3

Earthstorm's Voltz server 4

Password to all:


the server ip is Thanks for reading this thread. I am looking forward to playing with you :D


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