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Sorting Machine Issues

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I have been having problems with a sorting machine on my server. The machine is the end sorting machine in a line of other sorting machines. I have the machine diverting into 8 different colour specified lines and then the misc gets thrown down into a chest. Above the 8 specified lines I have a colourless line that picks up all the overflow if the chests are full and is then put into an enderchest from there.

The machine was sorting fine for 8 hours, then randomly it stopped working. I went to diagnose the problem and it appeared that the machine wasn't sending stuff out. Yes, the chests were full that are directly marked with the 8 specific colours, but the items should still be sent down the colourless line at the top into the enderchest( I had it working this way for a couple of hours).

If I remove the pneumatic tube and replace it, it will send the items down the line into the chest and function again as it should. After a little while, the same thing happens and it doesn't send the items out. I know I could rig up a system that breaks and deploys a pneumatic tube on a timed interval to keep resetting the machine, but I'm curious as to what might be causing the problem.

Note: I was having the same issue on a classic tekkit server as well.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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