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Tekkit Lite Crash Course: A Tekkit Lite Let's Play

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I liked a lot of things in Tekkit Classic, but was sad that it was stuck in MC 1.2.5. Then Tekkit Lite came along and it was the best thing evar. I wanted my friends to play, too, but as I looked at the new mods and items in the game, I became overwhelmed and could only imagine how new players might feel. So here's a semi-educational series set on a private Tekkit Lite server, where I pass on the meager knowledge I've gained from Tekkit Classic, and you get to learn along with me when we come across new things.


Episode 1 link:

It's still in its early episodes, and my recording career is in its early days (this is my first recording project ever. No, really. Not even AV Club) so constructive criticism and suggestions are welcome.

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