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[3.1.2] Colonies [PVP][20 slots][Towny + Wars][EE-Disabled]


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Colonies Tekkit Server IP:



Story on this server:

I created this server with the mission of creating a rewarding, entertaining tekkit survival experience without the things that quickly ruin the game. I had my inspiration from other servers whose owners shared this same mission. Essentially, I wanted to keep the "tech" in tekkit and create an amazingly entertaining player ecosystem with the aid of iconomy, towny, and other amazing plugins. If you are new this style of play, I hope you are willing to try it out here. You may find that you really enjoy it. Well, hope you enjoy your time on my server. We will be up 24/7 except for periodic maintenance.

Server rules and banned items/disabled mods:


  • Although PVP and raiding is allowed outside of the spawntown, abusive behavior and bullying is not.
  • You can join towns if the town leader invites you, but betrayals are forbidden (stealing and leaving, joining towns to grief them, etc.)
  • We kindly ask that you do not exploit the bugs or glitches you find for the sake of the enjoyment of the other players. Please be a nice guy and not a jerk or we'll have to remove you permanently.
  • If you happen to stumble upon any banned items, please dispose of them. This should rarely happen but if it should, do so for the sake of others.
  • We will absolutely not tolerate any kind of third-party software and cheating. It really ruins the fun for others.
  • You are expected to know these rules at all times and follow them on pain of banning or some other punishment.


  • Worldedit (admins only)
  • Worldguard (admins only)
  • Iconomy 6
  • Towny
  • Permissions EX
  • Essentials
  • Chest Shop
  • Combat Tags
  • Nolagg
  • Sortal
  • Tekkitrestrict
  • Firstjoinplus
  • Worldborder
  • Lockette

Disabled mods:

  1. EE (overpowered)
  2. Computercraft (available for donors only due to crashing from viral coding)
  3. Immibis mod (retrievulator, autocrafting table mk2, black hole chest etc.)(it is buggy)

Banned items:

Overpowered items:

  1. Nukes and mining lasers
  2. Dynamites and TNT carts
  3. Quantum armor
  4. Terraformers
  5. Only forcefield UPGRADES
  6. mining of Nether Diamond Ore

Laggy/buggy items:

  1. Redpower frames/frame motors
  2. World anchors, dimensional anchor, and teleport tether

Additional Information:

  • Only one teleport is allowed every 7 minutes
  • tpa, home/sethome, and spawn teleports are allowed for everyone
  • Combat tags are enabled to prevent pvp logging


This server went public on March 2, 2013. This whole project would not have been possible without the priceless support of the tekkit community as well as the contributions of a small army of plugin developers on Bukkit and the developers of the Technic Pack itself. I believe the whole tekkit community joins me when I offer my eternal gratitude to these hard-working folks.

Our beautiful spawn:

Where you start


Our Spawntown


Your Gateway




Admin Shop


Everyone's Spawn


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