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Tekkit Lite Problems


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Before I say anything, I am going to clarify that I am using Linux.

So today I downloaded the new "Technic Platform" launcher. I play on a server that runs 0.5.3, so I need to downgrade to 0.5.3. Well, I have tried doing so in the new launcher, but it keeps going back to 0.5.9, and not saving my choice of 0.5.3. Even when I try booting "0.5.9", it actually boots Hack/Mine mod, It seems that something is wrong with the save button from what I've seen.

TL;DR - Downloaded new launcher, tried downgrading to 0.5.3, instead it goes to 0.5.9, and actually runs Hack/Mine in Vanilla 1.2.3, need help.


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