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[1.4.7]Realms of Denryden[PvP][30 slots][Open][Realms of Denryden pack]

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IP and Website < No Grief < Anarchy all grief all raid all pvp

Server Up Time

24/7 unless down for maintenance, restart, or if the server crashed(doesn't happen much)

Technic Platform Links

No Grief PvP: http://technicpack.net/modpack/details/realms-of-denryden-mod-pack.51

All Grief/PvP/Raiding Anarchy: http://technicpack.net/modpack/details/realms-of-denryden-anarchy.14682


A fun server with a lot of mods. Also if you want a mod and we don't have it go request it on our forums we will add it to the pack if 1. It doesn't lag 2. It's not a griefing mod. 3. Either staff or the community accepts it.

What kind of people we want

Mostly all ages. Just if you can't speak proper english or don't have grammar refrain from using the chat

About the server

We try to keep a friendly nice environment. Such as nice admins. Nice gameplay. Nice players. If you do find a mod, admin, or player disturbing your playing session please

How to connect using the Technic Platform

Step 1. Download the Technic Platform Launcher

Step 2. Open the launcher

Step 3. Click "Add New Pack"

Step 4. Copy the platform url of server pack that you want to the box it asks for



Anarchy: http://technicpack.net/api/modpack/realms-of-denryden-anarchy

Step 5. Press "Add Modpack"

Step 6. Type your login information and click "Launch"

Step 7. Connect

Step 8. Play


TimTheEnchanter, WorldBorder, LagMeter, HideStream, WorldEdit, Announcer, VoxelSniper, PluginManager, Buycraft, BlackList, PermissionsEx, Wither, Votifier, LWC, WorldGuard, RemoteToolkitPlugin, Essentials, SilkSpawners, ChatManager, EssentialsSpawn, Reservations, ChestShop, Factions


1. No cheats, hacks or exploits of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to:

    1. Using modified clients to give advantages in any way (Except Optifine)
    2. Circumventing plugins such as the AFK kicker
    3. Using macros or scripts to perform tasks such as farming and mob grinding. (Key binding commands is allowed.)
    4. Abusing an exploit in a plugin, mod or the server to gain advantage
    5. Accessing areas not accessible without some form of glitch or exploit (the ONLY exception is the top of the nether)

    [*]Griefing and Raiding are NOT allowed on ModPack. For the RPG raid grief is allowed (breaking into a faction), but no other grief.

    [*]No camping Spawn or other peoples bases to kill them.

    [*]You must respect staff at all time - They are there to help and not to be abused.

    [*]No constant complaining due to the loss of items, getting killed, asking admins to unmute or unban someone else or yourself, or other actions and will be considered whining. Items lost due to a glitch or rollback will NOT be reimbursed.

    [*]You may not ask any staff to spawn items for you.

    [*]You may not ask to be admin/OP. If you want to become staff, apply on the forums.

    [*]You may not spam, this includes repeating the same thing more than twice or saying random things in short amounts of time.

    [*]You may not be racist or use explicit language in chat.

    [*]You may not disrupt the game by any means of verbal abuse. This includes, but is not limited to:

    1. Altercations
    2. False accusations
    3. Slander

    [*]You may not advertise other servers, websites or services in an attempt to draw the community away from the server.

    [*]Do not accuse of hacking or cheats in public chat, PM a staff member or report it on the forum.

    [*]Do not encourage others to break the rules.

    [*]You must speak english everywhere except private chat.

    [*]Admins have the FINAL say in all matters, as they know the rules better than anyone else. Whatever an admin says seriously must be taken seriously. Arguing is not allowed, if you have a problem, post a complaint on the forums.

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