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Crafting Table MkII keeps disappearing


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Hi guys,

Odd issue.

I've migrated my server from an online hosting company to my own centos linux box with much more ram etc. it came from a freebsd machine but that shouldn't matter.

I'm using java 7 and fired up the tekkit lite server with no errors.

I've noticed (because one of my machines stopped working) that I'm randomly unable to place crafting table mkii's.

I can select them from NEI or in creative mode, put them on my bar but when I place the item, it disappears from both the ground and my item bar (a stack of 64 for example completely disappears).

There are no item restriction plugins currently installed and no error messages generated by the log files for ForgeModLoader-server.log or server.log

The only plugins that I have loaded outside of the standard Tekkit lite are coreprotect, essentials, mcmmo, mondochest and residence (the problem occurs outside of a protected residence also).

Has anyone encountered this issue before?

I'm concerned that if there is an error that the logging level isn't turned up high enough to pick it up. Is there a way to modify the logging level?

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