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Another Nuclear Reactor show-off and how Tekkit changed my life!


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Hey Everyone,

Last year in May 2012 I was laid off without much warning. I had just installed Tekkit and somehow I got into a Survival Nuclear Reactor project. It took me 2-3 months to build this monster. I never showed it to anyone.

Tekkit and compucraft was the start of something new for me, I ended up doing an intense programming course and now I'm 6 months into a new career.

I discovered my friends were closet Tekkit players so I had to talk about my old Nuclear reactor project. I decided to make a video to walk them through what I build and they recommended I put it on here as well. As I say in the vid, I hope it gives some new Nuclear Engineers some ideas or inspiration! Tekkit is something great, and actually life changing for me!

Take care,


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