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Whenever I try to pour water on lava or interact with lava in any way my client crashes. This started happing on March 2nd, before that everything was normal. I've reinstalled java/technic launcher/changing builds/more RAM/less RAM. I also went on to a Voltz server and found lava and I crashed immediately. I thought it was something to do with the technic launcher so I also checked this on Tekkit classic and nothing happened, It reacted normally.

My computer Specs (if its even relevent):

i7-2600k stock clock

GTX 660ti 2gb stock clock

8gb of RAM - 4gb assigned to Voltz

Any advice or assistance is very much appreciated.

Edit: Realized I didn't give an error report... Game is not producing an error report, I've tried multiple times but I only get the screen freeze and have to Task Manager out.

Edit 02: So I found a temporary fix, I got my cousin to send me his voltz folder which works fine. It still baffles me, I did a fresh install and it didn't work but my cousins file did.

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