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How do you install Tekkit Lite on McAdmin???

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I am extremely new to servers, and have no clue what i am doing. Okay, so how it all happened, was a friend, Chad414 (awesome fellow....) Let me use one of his servers, and basically let me do as i pleased with it. Now, i am trying to install tekkit lite, and am stuck. I have watched videos upon videos, and they only explain how to install the server on your own computer!!! Not a single tutorial tells me how to install it via console. How am i suppose to install it via uploading files onto a console? I can't run any files in console, only boot the server! And there is an option that allows me to install mods, i simply click "install Tekkit lite" and all it does is install the coremods mods, and a few more files. I tried to start the server on my own computer, create the server files, and then upload that, with no luck. I needs help!!!

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