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Server Help!!!! My friends can't connect need help!


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So I have run many servers for minecraft and tekkit well this is my first voltz server. Well here's the issue. On my tekkit server which I do have they can connect but when I close and run my voltz server on the Same pc with thr same settings they can't. I've tried deleting all my old servers as well as restart my pc and factory resetting my router but nothing works. Yes the ports are forwarded. i am also using the correct IP. Any ideas?

P.s. they get a cannot resolve host name error and it shows up as off line but if they open minceaft or tekkit the server shows up as online but obviously they can't connect.

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i am also using the correct IP.

Can you connect to the server with your own EXTERNAL IP? If so then the problems are on their end and not yours, however if you cannot connect through the external IP address then the problem is on your end.

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