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Solitary Adventures - Recruiting Members For Several Series - Look Inside!


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Hello everyone,

Entertainment. That's what Youtube represents to me.

We spent minutes, hours or even days of our lives watching online videos on sources such as Youtube, the Yogscast being one of my all time favorites, I decided to give it a go!

Our channel can be found at the following link:


We're planning on releasing game play of Minecraft, ARMA 2, DayZ, Awesomenauts, Metro 2033, Homefront and so much more!



I am currently looking for people to join me in a Tekkit Lets Play, Vanilla Lets Play, Left4Dead 2 Lets play and perhaps some other games, you are free to offer any games, I can purchase them if needed. You may be selected to either feature in 1 episode, or if things go well, perhaps join a whole series, which would be handy for things like tekkit. I own a tekkit server, with a player limit of 40 people, nothing banned, etc, so we could have several people join each episode!

Please either post here or PM me if you'd be interested in joining. Skype is a must, and remember we're doing this for fun, not money or whatever.


If you'd like to see game play of any games, please, contact me! I'd be more then happy to purchase a game so you can get a close look at it before deciding to do so for yourself!

Thank you all for your time,

Solitary Adventures.

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