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[3.1.3] TheoryCraft [EE] [PvP] [mcMMO] [Clans] [MobArena] [PvPArena] [Economy]


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TSserver: theorycraft.teamspeakservers.com:7170


TheoryCraft is running Tekkit Classic. You need the Technic Launcher to play on this server, which can be downloaded here.


  • Tekkit Classic with a balanced version of EE suited for multiplayer.
  • A stable and useful economy with no inflation: iConomy & ChestShop
  • The best anti-grief/protection/land-claiming plugin there is: GriefPrevention
  • Skills & Leveling system useful both when mining and when engaging in PvP:mcMMO
  • Dungeons & Arenas where you and your friends fight waves of monster:MobArena
  • Friendly admins icon_smile.gif


TSserver: theorycraft.teamspeakservers.com:7170

We have got our own TeamSpeak3 server! We would really like if people joined when playing on our server. You can download Teamspeak3 here.


Everything is subject to opinion; specifically the opinion of an admin, but here are some basic guidelines.

[1] NO douchebags!

[2] NO hacking/cheating/duping/exploiting!

[3] NO spamming, begging, offensive language or use of caps lock!

[4] NO to anything that lags the server!

[5] NO really ugly structures!

Item Bans

Item bans can be read in detail here: http://theorycraft.wikiforum.net/t9-item-restrictions

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