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Just started a tekkit LP, like everybody else!


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Hey guys, my name is Mullak and I have finally decided to start my own tekkit let's play series! I am an 18 year old film and television student from England and would really love for you to come and check it out if you have some free time.

The reason I am doing this is because my brother always used to tell me to make youtube videos when I used to play minecraft because I always ramble on about crap even when not recording. I am actually so happy with how my first episode has turned put and if I didn't think it was good I really wouldn't have bothered uploading it.

I know it is hard to stand out above all of to shite that is out there today but maybe you should give me a chance, I think you will all be pleasantly surprised. The last thing I should say is that I am playing on hardcore so there is already lot's of tension and that I will be uploading an episode every day. Maybe even two if enough people want me to!


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