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ICBM and Atomic Science Item ID Conflict


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I just started up a voltz server and it started giving me this error in the console:

06.03 12:31:52 [server] INFO [fml.ItemTracker] The mod ICBM is overwriting existing item at 31999 (atomicscience.common.jiqi.ItWenDuBiao from AtomicScience) with icbm.common.ItChe

06.03 12:31:52 [server] INFO CONFLICT @ 31743 item slot already occupied by atomicscience.common.jiqi.ItWenDuBiao@31ef347f while adding icbm.common.ItChe@4f5f9775

And when a client tries to connect it gets this:

Forge Mod Loader has found world ID mismatches

ID 31995 (ModID: ICBM, type icbm.common.ItChe) is missing

ID 31999 is mismatched. World: (ModID: AtomicScience, type atomicscience.common.jiqi.ItWenDuBiao, ordinal 0) Game (ModID: ICBM, type icbm.common.ItChe, ordinal 0)

It seems that ICBM and Atomic Science are fighting over the item ID 31743... now I also noticed that 31743 seems to convert into the ID 31999...

I also noticed that Voltz expects ICBM to be using 31995, but what number do I put in the ICBM.cfg to replace 31743 so that it converts into the ID 31995?

Please Help!!!

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