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Erebus Gaming Presents - VENDETTA: The New Original Minecraft Modded Series

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Welcome everyone! This is Erebus of Erebus Gaming (link below), and I'm here for a special event I've been planning out recently. It's a Rolplay Modded Server, but I'll be filming it in a large series called Vendetta.

More content, including Minecraft, will arrive soon on the channel.

So, you ask, what is Vendetta? Well, I don't want to spoil it for you so I'll just say a few words. It's a roleplay PVP modded server, like I said above, and you will be able to join around April 1st to play as the main protagonists! Me and my admins will be the enemy, and I will be filming it as I take you down, basically. To see the story so far, visit my website and go to the Voltz Server tab.

Sadly I cannot place in the announcement trailer in this thread. Here is the link instead:

Now, if you are thinking this will be anything like Shadow of Israphel or any other series similar to that out there, then think again. It's going to be VERY different. I promise you that.

I am currently recruiting admins for building the server, watching over the server, and helping me out in the Series itself. Want to do any of those? Go to my website and click on the Contact tab, and look at the requirements for an email to me about you signing up for this. Thanks!

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