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New 0.6.0 dedicated server


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Hi, I have just finished sorting out my server for tekkit lite 0.6.0 and i thought i would post it here this server has not been made for like 100 players or nothing im just looking for a few friendly players that would like to come on an have a laugh and build stuff.

Plugins we are running:


Essentials plugin pack.








If there is a plugin you would like in the server please comment or ask ingame and i will take a look at the plugin.


Simple rules just like most server...

No hacks.

No cheating.

No griefing.

The usual stuff...

Possibly looking for a moderator to help keep the server in check.

For those unable to connect... Try updating your client to the correct version of the tekkit lite (0.6.0) I also believe you must have to use the new tekkit launcher downloadable from the official website DO NOT DOWNLOAD FROM ANYWHERE ELSE!

With the new laucher, To set the laucher to 0.6.0 you MUST enter option and tick where it says (Always use latest build) if you manually select 0.6.0 when you save and exit it will go back to the recommended build you have to do it the way stated above!

Also the server pack i downloaded from the official site was missing ModularPowersuits-0.3.0-178 from the mod pack i have now updated that and placed it in the mods folder and now people are able to connect so make sure you have that mod in your client, Do this by going "Start" search for %appdata% then click Roaming then .technic then tekkitlite and last Mods... in there should be ModularPowersuits-0.3.0-178 if you have it great if not id try to reinstall tekkit lite but deleting the tekkitlite folder and using the launcher to redownload it with the 0.6.0 version.

Done more testing and searching it seems this is a problem with the launcher not downloading this mod so i have a link to the mod so go here http://build.technicpack.net/job/Machine-Muse-Power-Suits/178/

and download the .jar file and place that in your %appdata%/roaming/.technic/tekkitlite/mods folder

and BOOM it will work



Hope to see a few people pop on soon ;)

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Ok for those that tried to connect there was a problem with the server for some reason the server pack i downloaded had a mod installed in it called ModularPowersuits-0.3.0-178 and for some reason the client version dont have that installed... so i have removed it from the server now and tested it and you are now able to log on, but its up to you people if you want me to put that back on the server and set up a link where to download it and a little tut on how to install it, I dont mind having it or keeping it removed. Anyway its fixed and you will now be able to log into the server.

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Yeah its odd but the post above has the website where you can download the file even tho it tells you your missing 0.2.2-170 you need the 178 version from the link above and it tells you where you have to place it, it do work a few people followed it correctly and can now join the server with no problem. i hope they update the launcher to include the file thats missing its causing so many problems for alot of servers.

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