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[1.0.11]Yellow-Cake [PvE][20 Slots]- Till Nukes Do Us Part?


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Server IP:

Server Rules:

1) Try to limit coarse language, Racist, homophobic, or rude comments.

2) Try to be nice to other players.


4) No using Red Matter bombs unless you know how to stop them.

5) Try to Have fun.

6) No raging!

Server Description:

Server was created due to few PvE voltz Servers, and being sick of playing by myself. It uses the seed -12 and is currently using PureBDCraft 32x32 Texture pack.


Monday-Friday: 6:00pm-9:00pm (-7:00 GMT)

Sat-Sun: 3:00pm-9:00pm (-7:00 GMT)

I'm Looking for players who are around the age of 14+. I do not tolerate horrific treatment to others. So people who curse and cuss at others are not wanted. I like people who enjoy a little pvp and team work. I will be making staff members(Admins etc...).

Screen Shots of Server will be added soon. Website will be made soon as well as better server if necessary.

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Is the server down?

This server sounds good, I am a really passive player and almost never PvP. I hope it will be back soon, I want to see what it is.

PS: Most the time I might be on my "Rubbish" computer (4 fps in min graphs(yes, there still are people that use so slow computers, like me)) and that's why I'm mostly a PvE player.

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