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Voltz 1.0.13 - Spawning as creative as default

Dag Bardal

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Hi! So.. as my title says.

People are spawning in creative as default on my server.

The serversettings on MyMcAdmin-page is set to SURVIVAL,

and I have doublechecked the settings itself via. the FTP, and it is actually set to SURVIVAL as default.

Still.. somehow.. people are logging in and automaticly get creativemode.

If I manually set /gamemode 0 NICK, and the person dies, it goes back to creative again for some reason.

I have Voltz installed, MoCreatures, DamageIndicators, BetterStorageMod and DivineRPG.

I have looked for settings in all of those mods, but nothing there says that it should automaticly be set to creative upon logon NOR after death.

Anyone have any idea on what's going on here?


Dag M.

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