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[3.1.2]Universal-Builders[PvP/PvE][150 Slots][LWC, GriefPrevention, TekkitRestrict, EE Enabled]

Shane Waaka

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Join us at: tekkit.universal-builders.net

Join our community at:


Best 24/7 Tekkit Classic Server! 3.1.2! No Lag! PvP/PvE! Almost No Banned Items!

Server Information:

Hi everyone, Im extremely happy to present this server to you all. This is a brand new Tekkit Classic Server, we are a chest shop driven community that thrives off player to player trade. If you like making factories, then selling the items they make to other players. Then this is PERFECT for you. You can make Factories, Use Almost All Tekkit Items, We have 1 PvP World and 1 PvE World(Both Separated so you decide your gameplay)

We have patched all dupes and exploits in Tekkit and have our staff are all experienced game admins from other servers.

You will love this server so join up today :)

Kind regards,

Shane aka. joh1895



Grief Prevention (Gain 100 claim blocks per hour, your house is 100% safe in the PvE World)

Factions (Used for the PvP World to get some Hardcore PvP Action)

LogBlock (Admin tool used to find grief and fix all damage made)

Chest Shop (Used for selling items player to player, checkout /warp shop)

Tekkit Restrict

No Lagg

Craft Disguise (Donator ability to turn into any mob)

Minigames (Spleef Arena!)


No Hacking or Exploiting

No Griefing or Stealing

We allow swearing, but use common sense (Don't swear at other players or staff)

Apart from that were pretty chilled ^_~

Disabled/Banned Items:

Balkons Weapon Mod

World Anchor

RM Furnace

Tank Cart

Tunnel Bore

Nova Catalyst

DM Pedestal

Water Strainer

Arcane, Zero and Ignite Rings

Universal-Builders Staff:












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Hi I am an admin on this server and it is great to see all these new players come and join this wonderful server! We love to see new players join and me and the other staff are always there to help you when you have a problem. We do our best to make sure you are having a great time here.

As an admin I work on the website and its contents as well as making sure you guys have a great time here at Universal-Builders!

I also am quite active in-game so you can message me if you are having any problems.


Universal-Builders Admin: Sniper_2357

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Hey guys! This Darth, one of the Admin's of Universal Builders! We have an exciting building contest going on at the moment! And everyone is welcome to come join!

I look forward to meeting you all!

Happy building,

Think BIG!


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Hey guys!

After much digging and sorting, we have found out that the map we had, had been corrupted beyond saving. Because of this, we have done a full map reset.

Now, don't get me wrong, it pains us to do so, after seeing how much work you all put into your builds.

This is NOT a normal reset, although tekkit servers have to reset their maps from time to time, just because of the wear and tear.

Well, Welcome all new players, and welcome back all of our old ones!

Thank you again for your support!

Think big!

-Admin Darthb00

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Hey everyone, I would like to inform yall about some recent changes. We have/are working on removing LWC as it is causing lag to the server. We are replacing the protection system. So don't be worried. We will also tell you have you can use this protection system. Another thing is that our admin Sniper is working hard on a MiniGame called Survival PVP. More info will be posted on it ASAP. (i will update this post) I would like to say sorry to all the players about some recent crashes that we have been having. We are in the progress of working on that to find out what went wrong. All of us staff at U-B would like to thank you players for being so patient during this time. We would also like to Congratz our best female admin DarthB00 for becoming our Co-Owner. You deserved it girly. We <3 ya.

Edit: By the way! With the changes in the protection, you now have to ./trust someone to let them in your chest, and any prior "trustees" will now be able to get into your chests. So check your claims with /trustlist and make sure you know everyone!

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Universal-Builders is back up and online!

The new IP is tekkit.universal-builders.net

You will need to remove the :25665 at the end of the IP you currently have to connect. If you still can't see it, it will take about an hour for the DNS to update.

Thank you all for your patience and we appreciate everyones support.

Can't wait to see you all on the server again. Cya there.

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