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Storyline? Idea:


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I have an idea for a storyline, you start off in a village. Depending on what biome the village is, you get different quests from the villagers inside of it. EX: Kill 10 Naga's. Or maybe, which would probably be harder to script, deliver a certain item to a certain villager. Then when you complete the quest, they lead you torwards a certain village with a King/Queen, or maybe both. And they lead you torwards an evil castle filled with <depening on castle, EX:Orc> knights, that have like crazy armor and diamond <mob weapon, EX: Naga gets axe, zombie gets sword>. And a 4 block tall <mob> lord. When you defeat it, you get a rare weapon/gear that adds insane stats. Then after you go to report to King/Queen, they get possessed by the Spirit and the villagers turn into zombies and you fight them to the death! Now THAT would add some interest to Hack/Mine. Don't be afraid to post some of add-ons to it.

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