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Massive one-way latency non dedicated tekkit lite server...


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Hi folks,

Got a weird issue with a friends Tekkit Lite server. Since yesterday, anytime I approach his machinery while they're in action, I get increasingly bad latency... starting at 2-seconds going upwards of 50+seconds latency from server-to-client.

Oddly, I can type 'test' in chat, and he will receive it immediately, but it takes my client ages to respond. This makes the game unplayable. When I'm not near his home, it seems to be fine, perhaps due to the lack of loading of the redpower and IC machinery.

This does NOT affect anyone else playing. Only me. My friend is in Colorado, I'm in Alberta, Canada. Another friend of mine plays from Halifax, on the East Coast and has a GIANT redpowered contraption setup and he has no problems at all.

What could be causing this? Is there a way for me to fix it from my end?

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Adding some weird issues.. I went over to my Atlantic buddys contraption and he turned it on, no problems. It's when my Colorado friend (the one hosting the server) turns on his contraption (macerator and filters, pneumatic tubes, etc powered by repeat red alloy wire bursts)

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