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Bridging Redstone connections using Wire


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I am currently trying to design a rig for an adventure map, which will enable the function of a piston-powered door once power is flowing through a wire that sits in between redstone under pressure plates and the redstone connecting to the rest of the mechanism. I do not currently think this is possible, as I have tried using Logistics Wire to no avail; it only sends a signal and doesn't receive it.

Unless there is something that can already do what I'm thinking of, would it be possible to add a new function to Logistics Wire, where flowing power causes it to bridge redstone signals adjacent to it?

EDIT: Eureka! I've found a setup that works, but the Logistics Wire is not shutting off once power to it has been cut via Switch Wire, thereby causing the affected door to stay open indefinitely. Is there a bugfix for this planned, if it is not intentional?

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i think i may be able to offer a solution to this. i came across the same problem when trying to build an auto reloader for my missile launcher that worked with a laser designator (it recieved a signal when power was sent to refil the launcher.) The solution to this is to update the redstone next to the logistics wire. i did this by setting it up so that when the logistiscs wire sent a redstone signal it set of a redstone clock that activated a stickypiston attached to a block right next to the Lwire.

hope this helps

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